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Sulat Baybayin “Tatak sa Bato” Workshop


Sulat Baybayin sa Bukid Amara

Bukid Amara presents, Sulat Baybayin “Tatak sa Bato” Workshop. We are inviting educators, tattoo artist, students and art enthusiast to join us in exciting event.

Workshop Inclusions:

➤ Certificate of Participation
➤ Meals (A.M. snack & lunch)
➤ Baybayin book
➤ Training kit

Flower Pounding


Flower Pounding

An activity of hammering flowers into a canvas to create a piece of art.


➤ Guide
➤ Rubber Mallet
➤ 2 pcs. of board mallet
➤ 1 pc. Acetate
➤ Flower basket for picking
➤ Frame (optional)

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