Trainings and Workshops

Introduction to Hydroponics and Greenhouse Production

Learn the ABC’s of hydroponics, introduction to herbs and leafy greens and fruit crops. Setting up a small scale greenhouse in your backyard. Witness demonstrations on DIY hydroponic system and drip irrigation installation. Hands on demo on media preparation, seed sowing and seedling care and maintenance. Get to know what to use on nutrient solutions, easy guide on disease prevention and pest control.

Melon Sensational Flavors

Regular Tour Package

Package Inclusions

  • Day Pass
  • Guided tour on different melons from all over the world.
  • Informative and interesting talk on how melons are cultivated and the science behind its growing technique.
  • Get to taste 1/8 slices each of 4 different melon varieties and experience the different sensational melons we offer.

**Please note that there will no reduction on the tour package cost if the number of participants is less than the minimum.

P 1,500/pax

Technical Training on Hydroponics and Greenhouse Fruit Crop Production

Take learning on a higher level with our 2 days Technical Training on Hydroponics and Greenhouse Production. Get to know the step by step process on hydroponics and farm operation, plant nutrition program and cultural management practices. Solanaceous crop typology, learn more about Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant greenhouse production, and the varieties which are suitable for Philippine climate. The important fundamentals of production, from nursery management and production planning. And lastly the cucurbit typology, melon and cucumber production.

Regular Tour Package

Php 500.00/ pax (minimum of 6)






Walk through

guided tour on Greenhouse and Hydroponic Demo Setup

In-person Training

Php 2,500.00/ pax (by schedule)

Whole Day Class

in Commercial Greenhouse and Hydroponics

A.M and P.M.

Snack plus lunch

Practical field

laboratory training on nursery operation, drip irrigation setup and hydroponics

Free Lettuce

Starter Kit (including seeds, 15 pcs, Hydro pot, Hydro Pro A&B solution, Grab&Grow potting mix)

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