Planning an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Well, pack your travel bags up, drive along the winding roads, feel the breeze of the rainforest, scale to the high mountains and enjoy this one-of-a-kind  experience of a lifetime.


Come and feel the embrace of Mother Natures loving arms at Bukid Amara and experience an awe-inspiring features and attractions:

The Flower Meadow

gomphrena field sunset patcosmos pat

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An array and landscape of flowers like no other. Be captivated with the alluring hues and colours of mountain-dewed petals which perfectly blend with other farm elements, not to mention the breath-taking view of Mt. Banahaw at the backdrop. The Flower Meadow is truly a paradise found!

Buhay – Bukid

Buhay-Bukid will serve as your time machineas it transports you to the old times when simplicity means bliss. Enjoy dining with your loved ones in kamayanstyle inside a bahay-kubo-inspired structure. Listen to the melodic bird chirps and to the nostalgic langitngit ng kawayan.This will definitely be your ultimate throwback of all throwbacks!


Pick and Pay

After having a sumptuous meal, take a walk at our vegetable garden and flower patch and be a harvester for a dayas you choose and pick from a wide assortment of vegetables and flowers. Yes, you read it right! Bukid Amara will also be your instant market place for its fresh vegetable produce.





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